The Hyena Who Hated Gays and Wants R E S P E C T

we have covered a ton of attentionistos in the foxhole.
we have also covered the ones who hate “us” commenting under their “work”.
those ungrateful hyenas have since been cancelled.
i’m looking at you.
well an f-bi sent me one i have never heard of a day in my life.
he has something to say to all the gays who “disrespect” him…



he won’t have to worry about me calling him “cute”.
he is taking a shit and talking shit.
at first,
i thought he was using a snapchat filter.
i realized that is his regular face.
i hope he is joking,
but sometimes we let a hyena who is not attractive slip in.
it’s like a pity fuck who suddenly gets cocky.
they do realize they were in oblivion before you have up the cheeks,
the whole video is:

lowkey: i feel like i heard foxholers in every forest say:

who is he?”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “The Hyena Who Hated Gays and Wants R E S P E C T”

  1. But…..he’s not that cute, he seems like them highkey annoying dudes that’s hanging on to his cute homeboy trying to holla because the cute one gets the girls and he gets leftovers.

    I agree he does seem like the pity fuck or the i got drunk so your annoying ass antics are going to be ignored.

  2. J, every other sentence throughout this post, I was like, “indeed” … especially the very last one. LBVVVS … I don’t know who was in those DMs but i’m surprised somebody was eeeem there at all. He looks 13

  3. First of all, I thought he was a gay nigga. Like homegirl gotta do her DL thing. I get it. But then there’s my secind point, WHO IS GASSING THIS UGLASS NIGGA??? The Great Recession was a few years ago. Jobs been coming back. We was supposed to be doing better with our lives lolol

  4. These light skinned dudes irritate my soul thinking they are Gods gift to everyone.

    Smoking is soooo unattractive to me smh

  5. Aside from the obvious foolery of this vid,I’m hoping that’s nit supposed to be a diamond on his chest..if so he needs ro get his money back instead of focusing on us…

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