The “DL CHURCH QUEENS” and the Hyenas Who Out Them

“Homosexual Black Men who are the church pretending they like women,
but everybody knows it but them and their parents.” – the intro on the video.

…. lost.
but wouldn’t doing something like “this” make YOU look like a messy queen yourself?
i’m just saying.
well, i’ll let you see for yourself…



you can already TELL he will tell your business to the nearest ear listening.

how can you be DL and a QUEEN?
isn’t that a contradiction?
i had to skim through all that chatter to get to the point…
…and i found none.

i understand someone doing you wrong and venting,
but wtf is this…?
i would NEVER do something like this.
is there something wrong with me?
is this the new thing?

lowkey: this makes me avoid church.
church is a hot mess.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “The “DL CHURCH QUEENS” and the Hyenas Who Out Them”

  1. I’ve seen enough, I can’t watch anymore. I can’t stand men like this at all. They make you just want to quit living the lifestyle. If I had a friend that told my biz tho someone else he would have a lump on his head.

  2. but to me thats like being in high school and having a very flamboyant guy hit all the straight people with “im not gay im a metrosexual”………that doesnt explain the high voice neck rolling or twisting wrists. i been noticing lately alot of straight guys switch hard so ill leave that out.and you gonna always have that parent in denial about they kids when everyone else know whats the deal. aren’t you suppose to be going to church to get spiritually lifted? lol there is no such thing as a DL queen to me. but only in church will you see a little of everything. church is maury for the old people, a hook up spot for the young kids and wives and husbands who think god will save they marriage but until he do fuckin the sexy single lady that claim she saving herself for marriage, the pastor who got a wife but fuckin other boys or men in the church lowkey and now the new phenomenon “DL queens”. im not surprised its been going on for a looooooooooonnnngg time and the old people was the ones that was outing them at first now you going messy queens doing it too. hmph SMDH

  3. Somebody needs to sit him down and school him for real. You in Memphis too? They will silence him in the WORST way. It’s NOT his responsibility to OUT anyone. Just leave them alone and go about YOUR life man…

    1. IMO church is like walmart you go into those doors knowing that is a completely different world in there and should not be taken lightly but a queen that feels he has a responsibility will think its his god given right to tell people who either dont need to know or dont care and think hes doing the world the greatest favor………..-__-

  4. I guess someone got turned down. I couldn’t even finish watching the first vid, let alone even start on the second one. He is the new face of HYENA.

  5. SMH, at this punk shit. Why do queens have the need to do this. Im not so mad that he outed the dudes, because sometimes people put themselves in position to be done like this by the company that they keep. Im just mad that he had the need to tell everyone that the dude didnt have shit and was nothing. I see this so much with gay dudes, they base their whole perception on someone based on what their material status is in the world. Being a good person of good morals and character seem to mean nothing. Who has time to make a video about trivial shit unless you are a messy unhappy person. Being that this is Memphis I cant say that Im surprise, this has to be the most ratchet city in these United States. The Dirty South Indeed.

  6. It is not surprising, but if someone like this dude making a youtube video can cause himself to be murdered by saying names of others he best be careful people are crazy!!!

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