The Cotton You Pick Is Going To Make My Prom Dress

“see this is what we not gon’ do…”
is it me,
or have most of the whites really started showing their tails as of late?
i know racism has always been alive and well in the country,
but everything seems more enhanced now.
social media has helped show us the real world.
it can be really gross.
so i saw this picture and couldn’t stop smh via yahoo

Promposal season is in full swing, and while we all love seeing the extravagant, dramatic, adorable ways kids are asking each other to prom these days, some proposals are simply in poor taste.

Today’s tasteless gesture comes courtesy of some students who allegedly attend Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, Fla., where a receptionist tells Yahoo Style that the principal is “aware of” the photo — made public through a tweet posted on Wednesday by Monarch High School alum Jon Aro, aka user @papichombo. It shows an Instagram screenshot (from a now-defunct account) of three teenage girls, one black and two white, holding up a cardboard sign reading, “You may be picking cotton, but we’re picking you to go to prom with us.”

“It is two thousand and f***ing seventeen,” Aro wrote captioning the image. And while it is unknown when the photo was taken and who the sign is addressing, people had unsurprisingly strong reactions, with the post being retweeted more than 5,800 times and “liked” more than 8,000, and earning a huge collection of angered comments.

i can see why this interracial dating gets a major side eye.
you gotta wonder how they really look at us.

someone they want to love
a bbc
something to control and abuse
use us for our skills/talents and then throw us out the door

this is why when one of our own abandons us to play in the snow,
i say let him/her.
when/if they end up in a shit storm,
we need to kindly remind them that they don’t need “us” to fight their own battles.

that black cub in the middle probably has been raised around whites all her life.
most of the time,
the ones you see only dating whites,
are conditioned to do that because that’s all they know.
she should also know “this might make me look like an idiot” too.
what was she thinking when they held that sign up???
common sense ain’t so common nowadays either.

ima be 100 with the foxhole…
those jobs have my eyes wide open.
my cousin hybrid was like:


i try not to do that.
you will live in a world being bitter,
but you have to always be in protective mode in their forests.
i like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt,
but it’s getting hard with a trump in the white house.
everything is a fuckin’ mess.
i hope that black cub in the middle of that threesome can see whats up.

article taken: yahoo

5 thoughts on “The Cotton You Pick Is Going To Make My Prom Dress

  1. I read the original story and it is distasteful but the black girls’ family actually does own a cotton farm and she is home schooled which is why they were asking her to prom. Does it make it right? Maybe not, but the girl LITERALLY picks cotton.

  2. Racism was alive and well onto its way to the surface under President Obama. Under Trump, it’s hitting all-time highs and people just don’t give a damn. This administration is giving them a “pass” to release their hatred. The sad part is people making excuses for that behavior. I don’t like to talk politics and I don’t like to talk religion, because everyone has their own viewpoints about both, so it’s a pointless conversation. I listen to people at work talk about no one is giving this administration a chance. I told them, look at what this administration is doing. They’re trying to circumvent the rules to fit their agenda. They’re getting caught in lie after lie, and instead of acknowledging their mistakes, they want to blame others…or try to bring up the previous administration. They can try whatever they want to tarnish his name, but that is one President who can hold his head high. You could hear crickets after that. LOL

  3. A bunch of bs. Now what sense does it take for the black girl to realize that that mess was not right. I don’t care if they are friends or just joking, certain things you just don’t do or participate in. People need to understand that slavery and racism of any kind is not a joke.

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