the alleged way ime udoka was revealed as the dicker downer

as much as we think you are creepin’ or creepin’ with someone on the low,
we never know when their (or even our) partner has suspicions.
if they get an idea about us being involved,
they will watch and dissect our moves.
some people love putting two and two together.

You know how many people get caught up because of their stories?

it can even be as small as a table in a restaurant.
when the suspicious get to the point they call a private investigator,
you could as well say it’s over.
that is allegedly how nia long ex(?) and coach for the celtics,
ime udoka,
got caught up in his mess.

one of his side’s partners allegedly went full investigation.
this is what a foxholer showed me

there goes the rumor that vixens cheat better.
if this is true,
it makes sense tho.
my question is:

Why is he filing a lawsuit against the Celtics?

on what grounds is he suing them for?

i really wanna know what matt barnes was silenced for tho.
matt said he didn’t agree with ime getting suspected:


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but uno reversed his statement after getting more details:


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this sounds like some “big little lies” kind of plot twist.
whatever it is must be simmering for the right time.
i’m gonna be posted.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “the alleged way ime udoka was revealed as the dicker downer”

  1. Don’t understand this story. Why is everyone caught up in this man’s private life? Is he the first to sleep with a woman and allegedly have a girl?
    Who died as a result of this so called affair? Who lost assets ? I don’t get it.

    And then today Matt retracts his comments because he says it’s WAY worst than expected 🤔🤔 Seriously 🥺. Well who died? Who was threatened? Who lost money? Who was sabotaged?

    Again know what I know based on what I READ from information like yours Jamari it is no one’s business including Mia Long? Were they married? She can do what all women do – either forgive n forget and move on or GTFOH.

    I keep hearing the word CONSENSUAL so I have a REAL PROBLEM with him being suspended and everybody up in their business.

    If someone finds out and is hurt MOVE THE FUCK ON. But please until someone dies LEAVE THE MAN’S BUSINESS ALONE. 🥺

    1. I haven’t been following this story but I thought the controversy was about him fucking a lady at his job which isn’t allowed? If so, there’s a certain morale there that he may have been abusing his status to take advantage.
      Could be, I don’t know. Anyway, you(SETI) need to gain some compassion because you sound like an awful person.

  2. Interesting. How this story being played out. This type of stuff goes on all the time specially in the pro games.

  3. Its ‘BIG NEWS’ because it’s a” Beloved” Professional Actress NIA LONG [ Who many people ,including the Press like ] and her “BABY DADDY” ( They’re not married ) who happens to be A Well-known, Title Winning, NBA COACH of the historic BOSTON CELTICS.

    It’s actually ‘REAL CELBRITES ” who have accomplished something in their lives instead of these stupid, INSTAGRAM, TIK TOK ,ONLY FANS . Wannabees!!!!

    Good Ole Fashion Gossip!!!

  4. When you are a black person in position, you have to be on your A game. Dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s, there is no room for error. It’s not fair but it’s true.

    Unfortunately Udoka got comfortable he should’ve known there was at least one person praying on his downfall when he got that job, it’s BOSTON!!!!!

    1. And THAT is what a lot of athletes and entertainers are saying. It goes on in the industry a LOT, but if a brotha gets caught doing it, they have to make an example of him…while the white guy gets a slap on the wrist.

      Yes, there are policies, procedures and standards for companies/corporations/businesses to uphold…but do that shyt equitably!

  5. What’s making this story so viral, he was fucking his boss wife and other staffers wives. The Celtics told him to stop because it was too much that he was fucking one but multiple and one being his boss wife. He was fucking quite a few of them and they have a No Fraternization policy. He was allegedly on his way to fuck another one of the staffers who “allegedly” deleted her social media. It has gotten worst than what we know and that was reason alone to suspend him but if he smart, he would resign and find a new team but the longer he lets this go on, he will end up losing his career as a coach. No team is going to hire a coach who fucked half the staff wives. You can bet Boston is already looking for a replacement, they are not keeping him after his suspension. The Assistant Coach is the Interim Coach for now. After that, they are hiring somebody else. He already violated the team policy so they have ground to terminate him after his suspension. The more you hear about it, the more you wish you could root for him because it gets worst as you hear about it. This is worst than Jimmy Butler fucking the News Anchor and had her moaning loud.

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