That Day All The Mamas Gather Around

65d84665fbb81deba13427e8078a3efftoday was an interesting day…

i was quiet.
mi was quiet.
my phone was quiet.
well i had it on airplane mode since after work on friday.
i already knew i didn’t want to be bothered.
today was definitely a “reflective” day for the both of us.
we didn’t speak to each other this whole weekend at all.
i’m not really a huge fan of mother’s day.
when i went to get my hair cut earlier,
i got constant reminders of what having a mother looked like.
and a whole lot of love for that vixen who raised them.
i saw this wolf helping his older mother into a car.
it made me smile.
it’s also nice to see wolves who appreciate their baby mamas.
even if it’s for one day before she demands more child support.
all in all,
it made me feel…
like father’s day,
their birthdays,
and major holidays,
it’s just another day i try to avoid.
some years i’m in tears.
others i’m just numb.
it all depends on how much i get bombarded with reminders.
i was so in my own world and drama this time around.

gary-patterson-sweat-wipei hope everyone out there gave some extra love to their mothers today.
to my readers with the “baby mama” situation,
i hope she was appreciated today as well.
for those who don’t have neither,
and are alone,
i hope you found comfort in your own way.
you are definitely not alone.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “That Day All The Mamas Gather Around”

  1. I’m watching Alicia Keys sing to her mom on tv and reading this has me in tears. Jamari you are so strong brother, I pray that you continue to be strong. I’m seriously rooting for you, I hope one day that you can have the career you want, the wolf of your dreams, and so much love and wealth, you deserve it. Much leave and peace to you.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to all, that goes out to everyone who is one, supports like one, and cares like one.

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