Terrence J Has A Nice Set of Lips With Good Brain

When did Terrence J started becoming so… fine?

He has lost that corny swag he use to a bombard us with in his early 106 and Park days.
I won’t lie but I was checking for him to win when they were looking for the new VJs.
He has personality so I won’t deny him that.
Now the boy man is working on his body, got some movies poppin off, and made a mill in 1 year.

Baller Wolf status TJ?

He had an interview with Bleu magazine where he discusses a number on things…


On becoming a better actor
I’m not anywhere near where I think my full potential is. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to play a young Barack Obama coming out of law school or Sidney Poitier right before he got his Oscar.”

On being complete as an individual before leaping into a relationship
I hate the phrase you complete me. I think it should be two complete people that get together and they make history together and they make an impact together. I’m at a place now where I’m able to be a good man in a relationship because I’ve been through so much.

On being a cougar lover
I dig mature women. I dig a woman that knows what she wants, that’s comfortable in her skin and confident with her swag. Older women have been able to fulfill that.

On his current relationship status
I’m dating a girl that’s younger. She’s not much younger but she’s 28 and I’m 29 so she’s younger than me.” She’s an amazing person. I just think timing is everything. It can be the perfect person, but if it’s not the perfect time then it’s not going to work.

On how he wants people to remember him
I always felt that no matter where my career goes, I just want people to leave the room and say ‘hey, he was a nice guy.

On his future personal plans
The aspiration is marriage and kids…building a family and leaving a legacy…As I’m entering into my 30′s, I’m looking forward to all those thing

and here are some pictures to follow…
^I have been feenin’ for a trench coat this fall.
I need to get on it…
But kudos to TJ for growing into a well educated handsome man.

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “Terrence J Has A Nice Set of Lips With Good Brain”

  1. Isn’t he like mad homophobic or something? Haven’t watched the show in a min, but one time he was wildin’ when I dude in the audience grabbed his shirt. LOL

  2. Tyrese makes me want to throw up he is gay and a muther fucker , but all of a sudden he his this mocho homophobe. I used to talk to one of his long term lovers, and not in a sexual or relational way. Home boy would out Tyrese to anyone how would listen and who was of course a top. LOL TJ is not a homophobe at least up and personal he is actually very chilled.

  3. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^ I thought that was Tyrese on his “LADIES ONLY” concert?

    That ladies only concert was a fucking joke case all the head liners were gay.. well I am not too sure what’s up with Tank but the rest of them were bottoms buys, and Tyrese can’t handle dick too well although he is a bottom. He will take the dick and see it through but all along he would say yo you killing me man. lol

  4. Killablaq, any dirt on Trey Songz? He seems suspect as well. When he was on 106 last year, Rocsi (the host) told him that his biggest fan was waiting for him back stage, and she revealed it was a dude. He looked so spooked, it was very telling.

  5. LOL Charles lol the only reason I spilled dirt and Tyrese is because he is gay as a mug, and acting all homophobic and I hate stuff like that. However, if another brother is down who is a public figure and he like most of us do their creeping on the low low then I say cool do yo thing man lol.

  6. Right, but Trey seems like a bottom to me. Plus, he tried to get on Spec for his “suspect” dancing in the red drawls, lol

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