Do You Ever Think About Mowing The Lawn In The Other Yard?

Kim Kardashian an her family are just about over.
Yeah, I said it… right along with the other people, blogs, and news outlets.

I have been low key watching this disaster from afar and I can say her extended 15 minutes are ticking at a 11:20.
I tried to tell people she was nothing but a talentless attention whore with a fake ass.
Everyone got sucked into her looks and the fact she can piece together an outfit.
That didn’t impress me because I could see right through her.

She wrote a letter to her “fans” (didn’t know she had them) making a brief statement about her… problems.
In it, she claims she is a *in Kim voice* “Just a romantic!”
An over the top wedding that was paid by sponsors?
Didn’t know a romantic could make love look so… forced?
Especially with a Wolf you could see she had no real connection with.
Either way, her sad situation got me to thinking about how other people fall for the silliest things.

Do people just see the surface?

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