I’ve Had 15 Partners In 2 Weeks



It is something that is rampant in our lifestyle.
I mean there is the whole “man” thing.
As men, we just want to FUCK.
This is why online sites and gyms were made for.

Going to the club.
Going to a sex party.
Hell, your next door neighbor.

We meet em,
we beat em,
then back to seeking em.

This lifestyle is a sex dominated industry.
Yes, industry because it seems that is what it has become.
I think we need to just go ahead and make business cards.
And that is cool, because sex is fun and it feels good.
Especially when you have this fucking you soooooo stupid:

But what happens when you are tired of sex and looking for more?

Can you literally be all FUCKED out?

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If eyes are the window to the soul…

…then I must have my curtains down.

Seriously, I am so bad at eye contact.
I do a lot of looking off and looking to the side when I am speaking to someone.
I am also terrible at the whole Wolf eye fuckin’ thing too.
I never could get it right and when I do, I feel like I am being obvious as hell.
I am sure they think I’m stuck up or not interestedand the latter isn’t the case.
A lot of people are naturals at this eye fuckin’ thing, but I am such a bad eye fuck.

How do you get them to cum to you with your eyes?

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