I’m Behind Enemy Lines

b2c61151a7fdfb1a60b7c996b2bfba28i didn’t mope around like i was going to this weekend.
i did stay in the crib,
but i actually felt motivated to do shit.
i don’t even think i felt sad for more than a couple hours.
i wrote,
because that always makes me happy,
but i also looked up ways to start getting back to whats important
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Kellon Deryck Has Another Flawless Victory!

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 7.29.07 PMlook at my “head” hubz on the way to my city.
with his cute booty.
so kellon deryck had his flawless illusion seminar today in new yawk.
if you didn’t know,
the hubz does hair.
well look at what he wore to teach his techniques
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