David Tyree: A Fine Upstanding Idiot


Ex-NY Giants receiver David Tyree — who made the LEGENDARY helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII — is coming out against gay marriage HARD … claiming it’s the first step on the road to “ANARCHY.”

Tyree made the statements during an interview earlier today with the National Organization for Marriage — a faith-based anti-gay marriage group.

During the interview, Tyree is asked about the push to legalize gay marriage in the United States — and says if it happens, “This will be the beginning of our country sliding toward … it’s a strong word, but anarchy.”

To reinforce his point, Tyree says, “You can’t teach something that you don’t have … so two men will never be able to show a woman how to be a woman.”

And the kicker, Tyree — who’s black — says, “How can marriage be marriage for thousands of years and now all the sudden because a minority, an influential minority, has a push or agenda … and totally reshapes something that was not founded in our country.”

FYI — Tyree’s statement comes almost 44 years to the day after interracial marriage was legalized in the United States … thanks, in part, to the agenda of an influential minority.

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