Andrew Caldwell Still Desires Wolf Meat

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 6.15.55 PMwell serve me “confused”.
andrew caldwell said in a recent interview he still desires wolves.
 i mean this is what he said to “rolling out”
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Who Does Daniel “Boobie” Gibson Think He Is?

danielgibsonversion2first of all,
boobie is fine as hell in this shot.
anyway here we have “a soon to be” divorced baller wolf of keyshia cole.
a relationship that made for countless entries and questions.
well daniel “boobie” gibson stayed pretty quiet throughout it all.
well if you don’t count all those sub-grams he was firing off.
if i saw pac one mo’ time…
either way,
he had a lot to say in his rolling out interview about the demise of his ghettofied relationship…
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