The Take Down of Chris Brown?

tumblr_o9i1jt9hL11u2r94mo1_500this is what happens when you start to self sabotage.
so about two animals have jumped off the “chris brown” ship.
one was his manager that alleges he was beat up.
he is currently suing.
now his publicist,
nicole perna,
has quit and came with the receipts.
this is how it all went down via tmz
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Who Is Doing Thomas Robinson’s PR?

someone just sent me this video and i’m like:

are you serious??????

i’m rooting for him too but this ain’t it…

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I Fucked Chris Brown Last Night and He Laid Some Serious Pipe



Imagine what is it like to be Breezy Wolf?

You are the next coming to Michael Jackson.
No one can touch your talent on the mic and the dance floor.
You can have whatever you want… and pretty much whomever you want.
You done dug out pop stars, porn stars, models, producers, and his own manager.
So, you go through the industry using your “power” to get as much “?-hole” as you want.

Well, you don’t have to be Breezy Wolf to have this life kids.
You can basically have a little bit of power in this industry and people will be willing to fuck you.
The same people who probably wouldn’t take you seriously on a sunny day on the street,
are now dropping their pants to get a piece of what you have.
But, what happens when people use their titles to become groupies?
Is there a subtle way to be a “professional groupie”?
And, why do they always end up looking so thirsty with their mud on their faces?

What is the benefits of being a groupie?

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