f0xmail: I’m A Professional Who Is Tired of Paying For Escorts. Please Help!


Good Afternoon Jamari!

I wanted to tell a sincere thanks for brightening up my day and providing insight into this “life.” As you know, being a fox or hybrid is especially tough when you are smart, handsome, and about your business.

Despite the weather (which I hope all of the eastern seaboard is doing well), I need your assistance. In this cold and lonely world of the southern concrete jungle AKA Atlanta, I am facing the dilemma of dating and building meaningful relationships and friendships.  Bc I have decent resources and a nice personality, I have enlisted the services of escorts. Some of them are off the chain body wise and getting some dry humping.

Its exciting but its only for a moment. You get the fantasy but not the realness of a conversation or intimacy. I have one that I had to tell him how to hold me and how to let me ride him. But you would think that in his profession he would make me moist. No sir!

The other one was a regular nigga that was gay for pay that did the most but there was no emotional connection. I get more moist looking off your website than the real thing.

Jamari.. I need your advice because I’m tired of paying out of pocket for love and false intimacy. I am a professional black man and my next step is the on-line dating but I’m worry about the privacy and what is legitimate.  I’m tired of being lonely and I want more and demand more.



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