The Orlando Club That Got Lit (Pulse)

IMG_9942_980x400so we can’t even go out any more to enjoy ourselves?
wtf is going on 2016?
are you really trying to send a message?
so i woke up to very sad news.
a gay club in orlando,
named pulse,
was the last scene for many.
an armed jackal walked in and opened fire.
this is the story via the chicago tribune
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Jamari Fox’s Guide To Being The Perfect Non-Groupie

So Orlando was WEAK.


(how terrible was that Slam Dunk contest?)

Too many players and not enough hoes.
Better yet, not enough known players which equaled no hoes.
They heard the word “Orlando” and thought Mickey and Minni Mouse.
But, I’ll be honest, I would have been down there.
Even if I got me a rookie or even a draftee, I would be satisfied.
I swear, I have to teach people how to do what to do.

Peep it…

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