he has monkeypox all over his face!!!!

one of the foxholers said to me the other day:

“They will be able to spot the DL males who catch Monkeypox.”

that is going to be very interesting.
the days of 7 partners in one weekend may take a short break.
hookups on grindr and jack’d may end up being scruffed.
more and more gay males are speaking out about catching monkeypox.
( ^that gentleman’s story is wild )
this gentleman had sex with a few prospects during pride weekend in ny:

( x and this is his story )
i saw a tweet that i’m gonna warn you about now.
you are being warned.


this is another story with images below…

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so bow wow got that fire, huh? (according to orlando brown)

before i get into the following,
i’m playing devil’s advocate for a minute.

Some of ya’ll got ya’ll world rocked by someone that wasn’t physically attractive.
Don’t even play cause not all your bodies were IG attentionistos.
You had that one whose sex blew you out of the water.

If they were to put you on blast today,
we would all be wondering why would you mess with “that creature”.

former child star,
orlando brown,
loves to talk.
people deem him crazy for all his wild behavior and spilling tea.
so far he has outed his alleged past relationship with raven symone,
that trey songz is allegedly gay,
and that nick cannon allegedly gave him head.

in another wild outing,
he said that bow wow allegedly has…

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the crab legs took the veneer right out of sukihana mouth

my teeth aren’t straight.
i was in a horrible accident with my mouth as a kid.
it has been one of my biggest insecurities next to the list of other ones.
this is why i don’t usually smile in my pictures tbh.
even with all my insecurities tho,
i still managed to bag some of the sexiest wolves.
there was a time when i was interested in getting veneers.
when i saw the process of how they put veneers on,
it was an automatic dub for me.

love and hiphop alum,
just lost one of her veneers eating crab legs…

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