I’m In The Mood To Swallow Something Smooth For Dinner


i wanted something nice to drink with dinner.
nothing too hard.
so i put on my clothes to head to the likka sto.
as i’m walking i spot this fine ass wolf talkin’ to some vixen.
all in my grill.
eye fuckin me rea slow.
i return the favor.
he was spanish.
brown sugar.
long hair.
kinda tall.
she was… cute.
wasn’t me tho.
i stood next to them to cross the street.
he is sneakin’ looks as she was all over him.
pissed because i wanted to get that number,
but i knew it wasn’t happening.
i get to the likka sto’ and i dunno what to get.
mixed with a little v.s.o.p?
i decided on…

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