Are You Really Prepared For When Your Storm Comes?


God has a funny way of getting your attention when you are fucking up.
He may put someone negative in your life to show you how to fight.
He may take something you loved away to make you see how comfortable you were getting.
Or, he may drain your account for you to see how money is important for survival.

God got my full attention last week…

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Well Shit Has Hit The Fan…

I feel over it.
I am literally crying as I type this.
Ever since I have been unemployed,
I have been seriously pinching pennies.
I started to look for jobs, but I cannot find any.
I wanted to start my career, which has been proving myself, and I am getting places…
…but it is “free” work.

I look in my account just now and I am over-drafted like 500 dollars.
My savings is completely drained too.
I thought to myself, “Maybe I am imagining things…”
I called my bank IMMEDIATELY and they tell me that my account has been placed on a legal hold.
The IRS decided to take money out of my account I didn’t know I even owed in 2007,
so they decided that in 2012 when I was at my lowest,
to completely DRAIN my account.

So this means I cannot make my rent,
pay the bills I owe next week,
can’t buy food.
and pretty much going to be homeless.


I am so depressed right now and I cannot find help.
I just do not get it.
I do good and then, I’m slapped with bullshit.
I feel like I want to throw up.
I feel like I want to die.
I can’t figure which one to do first.

I really a miracle right now.