Let Me Tell Ya’ll About People And The Shit They Come With

this came over my spirit this morning.
well its been on my foxi spirt for a while now.
from straight to gay,
i am really starting to realize some people ain’t shit.
now there are good people out there.
i like to think i’m one of them.
others however always get the ed lover:

EdLover-CMonSon-Ep16in my short time heere on earth,
i can say ive interacted with all kinds of people.
when you work in the entertainment industry,
it’s enhanced by 1,000.
this should speak to someone out there.
others may not “get it”.
not yet anyway,
but they will.
hell you may just be one of the following below…

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I Would Ride The Hell Out Chu. I Damn Sure Would.

i saw my dream car tonight!
my dream wolf also owned it.
that’s another story.
i ran out of brown rice,
so i had to take a quick trip to the corner store.
when i walked out my building,
i saw this sexy wolf talkin to the spanish vixen couple buildings up.
he was definitely my type,
but i didn’t even focus on him for to long.
his car is what really got my attention….

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Kerry Rhodes Luh Da Chirren!

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 7.22.49 PMi love this back picture.
you can also have a back like kerry…

so i know everyone focuses on the bad things in kerry rhodes life.
snooze fest.
where’s my pillow?
right now i wanted to focus on the good.
something i’m sure no one will focus on.
this is the foxhole and we like when baller wolves do well.
kerry is currently in his hometown of bessemer,
where he is working with the youth for his kerry rhodes foundation.
he is there to host the “now lets get fit” program this weekend.
he decided to stop and talk to the chirren first…

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Baller Wolf, Giancarlo Stanton, Gets Naked and Wet

tumblr_mhvsrzodzv1qgqfx8o1_500i didn’t see this baller wolf in the espn body issue leaks yesterday,
but i caught him today.
outfielder for the miami marlins,
giancarlo stanton,
took some great photos.
they really made a splash.
corny i know but i couldn’t resist…

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Kirk Frost: The Biggest Winner On Reality Television?

rasheeda-and-kirk-frost-514 accused of being gay: check.
become a triflin’ asshole on a reality show: double check.
congratulations go out to kirk frost!
sold his soul for the top story line on love and hiphop atl.
he has become black twitter’s most hated wolf… ever?
if you been catchin’ up with the show,
you know this mofo dun lost his mind.
i woulda tased the fuck out his ass if i was rasheeda.
as soon as he walked in the door,
he would have been met with my taser gun.
well he uploaded something on instagram last night and you already know…

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