“Stop Talking About Gay People!” T Pain Says.

tpainwell this is one name i haven’t heard in a long time.
t-pain wants everyone in hiphop to cut the homophobia out.
well seeing as how 90% of rappers have done something homopho…

ya know whatttt?
uh uh.
i’ll just let you read what t-pain had to say on vlad tv

T-Pain addresses a previous comparison he made concerning Ray J after seeing his sex tape with Kim Kardashian, which led into a conversation about people being homophobic. The “Up Down” rapper believes that “if you aren’t gay, then gay things shouldn’t bother you.”

The conversation then turns to T-Pain’s gay assistant, which the rapper says has made other people uncomfortable to approach him in the club or any time they are together. He believes that there is so much homophobia in hip-hop that it stops people from working with talented artists like Frank Ocean, which T-Pain says is “terrible, because they need Frank Ocean on the song.” The Florida native adds that he doesn’t work with anyone who’s homophobic in the business and who cut others off over the way they want to live their lives.

tumblr_inline_mzj8ngbXBr1r2eidnwell good work t!
stan for us just a bit!
t knows what goes down in the offices and studios late at night with some of these rappers.
they should just make comments on police brutality or long lines at popeyes.
dont do it to yourself “insert rapper’s name here”.
anyway i gotta say i loved t pain’s album with that circus theme.
it had “chopped and screwed” by luda on it.
lets get some new records out there t.

watch video/article courtesy: vlad tv

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on ““Stop Talking About Gay People!” T Pain Says.”

  1. That was nice of him.I remember when a rapper made a comment saying he didn’t want gay people to buy his albums.I thought it was stupid because you don’t know who is buying your album and if we were, who cares?If he found out a gay guy bought his album, what is he gonna do?He’s just gonna run his ghetto ass mouth but guess what, that gay dude will still be listening to your album so… what?Are you gonna march to his place of residence and take the album from him?

    Of course everyone in the comments said the typical “I agree with him because the bible says blah blah blah.”Ugh, no wonder I stopped going to that website.They milked that story for days.I finally got tired of defending myself and just stopped reading the comments.

  2. I agree T-Pain, I so agree. Half these dudes who be barking we do not even want, so they need to just chill out. We not losing sleep because they dissed us, and we damn sure are not down in the dumps. They are the fools because a lot of us are actually bad. The thing is, they think all of us are ugly and busted, but that is not true. Let them see our boi Nathaniel who is female built, they’ll be on that ass and they know it. All that homophobic shit is out the window when niggas see this: http://instagram.com/p/icmN1wCgfP/

    Am I right or wrong? Are they still homophobic when they see a dude like that? My point exactly.

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