Who the FUCK Is Chris Montgomery??!?!?!?!?!!!?

take it all in…

there is a video to this…

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Everyone Meet A Different Kind of “First Lady”…

remember him?

well he is back.
sort of.
one of his accusers is getting ready to release his book called “First Lady“…

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Allen Iverson Has His Home Foreclosed On. Will You Lend Him 500k?


when it rains; it pours.
didn’t i post something a while back on allen and his army tried to attack?

see his jumpoffs coming to his rescue

 i knew what i was talking about.
i guess it needed to reach a news source for it to be considered credible.

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Terrell Owens Has To Take A Big Blow

this wolf keeps running into the worse luck.
i don’t get it.
he had to sell his georgia estate and things didn’t turn out the way he planned…

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Foxes: Would You Get Boy-inked by Boykin?

first name: brandon?
i would.
brandon caught my eye on hw and i been doing some light investigation.

rookie cornerback for the philly eagles.
fourth round draft pick for 2012.
salary is typical rookie.

birthday was 2 weeks ago.
hails form georgia.
sexy as shit.

sounds good enough for me to get boy-inked.
check some more baller wolf cum shots below…

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Does Bow Wow Have Another Twin?

First it was:



…. and now we have another long lost twin

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