Allen Iverson Has His Home Foreclosed On. Will You Lend Him 500k?

when it rains; it pours.
didn’t i post something a while back on allen and his army tried to attack?

see his jumpoffs coming to his rescue

 i knew what i was talking about.
i guess it needed to reach a news source for it to be considered credible.

Former NBA star Allen Iverson‘s about to lose his massive Atlanta mansion — because the bank is gearing up to sell the house at auction next week, TMZ has learned.

Iverson purchased the home back in 2010 for $4.5 million — but according to official records, he defaulted on his mortgage and the bank foreclosed. Now, the home is set to be sold at auction on December 4th … along with all the crap inside.

Iverson’s currently going through a nasty divorce with his estranged wife, and he’s famously been dealing with money problems … including a nearly-million-dollar debt to a Georgia jeweler.

A.I. still has a chance to save it if he comes up with the cash before auction time … but the clock’s ticking … fast.

Calls to Iverson’s camp weren’t returned.

damn ai.
why did he buy a 4.5 million dollar mansion with no job anyway?
he should have went the condo/townhouse route.
seriously ask yourself how this wolf is making money?
allen isn’t getting those nba checks like before,
 how is he making money to support this extravagant lifestyle of maybachs and mansions?
i hate to hear when this happens to people i actually use to like.
i hope he can get it together soon.
this is not the economy for debt.

7 thoughts on “Allen Iverson Has His Home Foreclosed On. Will You Lend Him 500k?

  1. His life story is differently a lesson about the company you keep.

    Your social circle carries an energy–it can be a gravy train or shit storm.

      1. *should be definitely not differently, auto correct has been trying it lately. lol

        I’ve seen AI in person a couple of times, and I’ve always heard his clique before seeing him. His entourage has never been in camouflage which is part of the problem.

        Sometimes Pookie and them and Big Mike need to stay home! Being loud and wrong after a certain age isn’t a good look.

  2. Mediafakeout, just published a story a couple of weeks ago of how one of his boys has been investing his money all these years without his knowledge and it has grown to 30mil, Wow that website must truly pull stories out of their asses because they know the majority of their readership is illiterate and gullible. Why do these celebs, think they continue to live like they did in their heyday when the checks stop coming. This is a good wake up call to live within your means, its sad that most of these egoistical celebs have to be shamed in the press before they get the message. Hard for me to feel sorry anymore when I see so many single mothers who raise children on far less and will never see the kind of money these athletes have, make it and survive. Hope him as well as the others land on their feet.

  3. Ummmm honestly this doesn’t surprise me at all…A.I. is from my ‘hood and with his ego and arrogance this would befall him like many others like him; humility is sexy. Now mind you I can remember a time when he COULD GET IT, that was when I was going through my “dudes with corn rows” phase in college. SMDH!

  4. Damn Allen. I really didn’t expect him to be broke. I thought that he would make it. As good of a player he is, I think he should be still playing even though he’s older. If Derek Fisher and Steve Nash can still play then he can too, but the league may not take him back a this point.

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