They Had To Dig In Ye Azz Cheeks Today

CZwXdtmWAAIy943sometimes when an animal ‘ack up,
you gotta remind them exactly who you are.
now i’m not saying go around and use things as blackmail.
i’m saying when someone who knows you wants to get buck,
or finds themselves trying to call you out over pettiness,
you gotta remind them of their secrets.
just a hint.
something tiny that will make them shut the entire fuck up.
well this is what happened today.
lets rewind,
shall we?
so kanye changed his album title from “swish” to “waves”.
if the album is anything like the last,
he should name it “POLF”.
wiz khalifia thought it was disrespect because max b,
a harlem rapper currently in prison,
started the “wave” movement out in harlem.
wiz tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.08.25 PM

who thought “kk” was a shot as “kim kardashain”,
went the FUCK off.
a foxholer sent me a collection of all the tweets…
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