I’d Sell My Soul For The Nearest Camera

You ever stop to wonder what happens
to these Wolves/Foxes/Hybrids/and Vixens once they fall off?

You know, the ones who are steadily trying to be online stars.
The ones who think they can rap good because they look good.
The ones who think because they got over 10,000 followers,
that they made it in life.

Is everyone trying to be a star?

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Once U Annoy The Blacks, We Don’t Want You Back

Divorce after 2 months?
Getting booed at her birthday party?
Her stock with everyone falling way down?
And now Radar is calling her out…

Kim Kardashian is slowly counting down to her grand finale….

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So You Fell For Another Straight Wolf Again Huh?

We as Foxes are DOOMED.

Well, not really.
I just had to be a bit dramatic.

Time and time again, I get countless emails from Foxes about crushes on Straight Wolves.
I have literally read them all:

“He walked into my classroom and he was perfect. He sat next to me and I helped him with his homework…”
“He works in my office and he gives me signs but I can’t tell if he is feeling me…”
“He is friends with my Vixen friend and I think he wants me, but I’m not too sure…”

…and then when the Wolf says these 2 words in a sentence:



Foxes all across the nation obsessing over a Wolf that is, and will never be, attainable.
They come into our lives like thieves and steal our hearts.
We obsess over them and end up falling face first into a bottomless pit.
Checking Twitters, Facebooks, and credit scores for clues that maybe,
for once, we may be right.
Or, even just to read their walls and status messages (stalker alert)  so we can feel closer to them…

What are we really looking for and really, isn’t it kinda pointless?…

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Cam Newton Is GQ

I guess being drafted number 1 has it’s perks.

So much so,
you end up in GQ magazine modeling fall fashions from the likes of
Marc Jacobs, Michale Bastian and your athletic sponsor, Under Armour.

Sounds like Jamari Fox territory if I ever heard it.

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