if ya’ll want to go outside, then you must go outside

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i’m at this point where if folks want to go outside during a pandemic,
then we must let them.
i heard they were outside in droves in prospect park in bk yesterday.
many were day drinking in the park,
no masks on,
and no social distancing either.
jamari fox won’t be attending,
but thank you.
some white folks have made their signs and are standing outside with no masks on,
protesting their right to be outside.
we have been under quarantine for the last two months and looking like longer.
i’ve been my most busiest and have adjusted to this new way of life.
since states have opened up,
there has been a bump in new cases and deaths all across the country.
this is what i read via “business insider“…
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Expect A High Body Count This Season

i have been fighting this sickness.
i had no energy to do anything.
all i did was sleep and binge watch a show.
my body literally was putting me on time out.
you may/may not have been like me,
but this flu season has been hell.
it’s so bad,
they have been ( x shutting down schools ).
according to “bloomberg” tho,
50,000 of us will die this season…
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