did cersei get what she deserved?

*light spoilers.
don’t read until you watch tonight’s episode

we want to see our enemies suffer.
i know that’s not of “God”,
but it’s normal to want retribution.
i know i’ve desired it with everyone who has done me wrong.
that’s what we all wanted for cersei tonight in “game of thrones“.
we didn’t really get that.
after the show was over,
and i had time to unpack,
i came to a conclusion

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my anxiety meds finally kicked in after “game of thrones”

^that was the look on my face for the entire hour and a 1/2.


game of thrones” dragged tf outta me.
first “avengers: end game” did a slight tug,
but “game of thrones” dragged me down the block.
in all of my years of good tv (with potential spoilers)
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bad news at 2:30pm in the afternoon

so i just got some news.
i was in the middle of making a vision board when i got the call.
i’ve been trying to get my mind in the right direction.
i’m not a whole mess about it,
but i guess you can say i’m frozen.
you know when you hear bad news and you’re in disbelief.
this news was in regards to my aunt through marriage brother

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The Hand That Fed Them Is The Hand They’ll Maul (To Death)

i’m starting to think these dogs are high key dangerous.
i see them all the time in my hood and i go the other direction.
i mean,
i should!
from the amount of maulings of their owners these dogs do,
i’m surprised folks take chances in owning them.
a snow bunny was mauled by her pitbulls on thursday in va.
a f-bi sent me the story via richmond…
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The Death Behind The Star Fox

i have to be honest with the foxhole today.
since star fox’s death anniversary is coming up,
i want to lay it out on the table.
i spoke to his mother and mentioned that i would font about it on the foxhole.
i asked her if i could share the real details of star fox passing.
at the time,
she didn’t want me to say anything to anyone that may know star fox.
i don’t know who reads this site,
or who knows who,
so i kept much of the details to his death quiet.
she gave me permission to share some of it…
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As We Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

fear will have you paralyzed.
it will make you look under rocks and checking holes for potential danger.
you gotta wonder about the person standing next to you.
they “look” normal,
but underneath is a whole nother story.
that is the world we are living in.
it can create fear.
you can’t even go out and have fun without being on high alert.
for the cubs who attended the ariana grande concert in london yesterday,
they were looking to have a “grand” time.
now 22 are dead,
others are severely injured,
and many are still missing due to a suicide bomber.


how the fuck did that asshole even get in the venue?
there a lot of questions.
well i have an answer to one already…
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