“Someone Get This Child and The Mother Please” – They All Thought.


beyonce’s facial tells me everything i need to know.
so kanye west had his adidas fashion show tonight in the city.
it explains the seating order.
as you can see,
the nanny must have requested time off so they had to bring north.
all hell broke loose as you can imagine with a cranky cub.
i hope a video soon.
anyway all the real a list showed up to support kanye.
and anna wintour.
here are some shots from his event…
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How To Have a Dog In His/Her Feels

tumblr_mlavocKhdf1qaruxco1_r2_500the story behind this following clip is the owner of this dog passed away.
well this was the outcome
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Real Foxes Cry While Eating Pork Chops

4630190889_2e01b1b6bawhen last have you cried?
honest question.
no judgment.
dudes bee actin’ like they are beyond crying.
like wtf is that shit about?
on some ol::

“naw son.
only bitches cry.
i’m a man!
a man!”

thats funny…
because when you cheated on your ex,

and they dropped you like a hot potato,
it was super masculine you called them crying and begging.

“baby please!
i made a mistake!
i’m sorry!
please baby!
i love you!
don’t leave me!
say something baby…”
*snot bubbles n shit*

uh huh.
whats up?
shut up.
so this what happened…
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Justin Bieber Was BAWLING In The Big House

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.02.19 PMjustin bieber learned yesterday he is NOT about that life yesterday.
reports are saying after his “smiley” mugshot,
he was crying like a lil bitch.
okay fine.
he was “emotional” over his arrest.
anyway daily mail has more…
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Antoine Dodson Is Living A Hard “Straight” Life

antoine dodson slowjaman f-bi just sent me this video of antoine dodson having a potential nervous breakdown.
in this strange video,
he starts talking to god and then breaks down in tears.
i guess being “straight” isn’t all it was cracked up to be?…
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I Can’t Take It Anymore (RIP Paul Walker)

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.40.44 PMthat is a picture of paul walker’s friend at the scene.
the police are trying to detain him as he ran to help paul out the car.
that got to me.
his father’s reaction tho…

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