Take A Chill Pill (Ambiance)

i love creating ambiance.
i love for folks to feel comfortable when around me.
i don’t know about you,
but i love music that sets a mood.
it makes you feel something that you can’t explain.
it just feels good.
i remember one evening,
when i was about to get sexed from a hook up,
i put on tremaine’s mixtape,
as we smoked and talked,
it created an atmosphere where we both got comfortable.

i love shit like that.
this is why i love when shows i watch have great background music.
“queen sugar”,
“gossip girl”,
“she’s gotta have it”,
“being mary jane”,

and “dear white people” have the best soundtracks.
well i recently found music that calms my anxiety down and makes me feel good.
i don’t know if you ever listened to this

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