“i’m caramelbadboy and this is how i’m gonna f*ck you”

i love when i’m talking to a wolf and he talks about how good he wants to fuck me.
sometimes i feel like the anticipation is the sexiest part tbh.
you may or may not get the sex you imagined and he ear hustled you about.
which is why the “we randomly had sex ” tends to work better for me.

i love those types that are super attracted to you and come off totally unassuming.
ya’ll hook up and…

next thing you know,
you’re in a situationship.
it’s usually the nerds and love wolves with the good sex.

caramelbadboy on onlyfans obviously was thinking of someone.
he made a video of how he wants to fuck who he was thinking about.
a foxholer sent me a video of him showing us how

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