“Look At That Bubble Butt” (NFL Combine)

78c4ca5990a8505110db36ea50907afcthis is one of my favorite weekends next to the nfl/nba draft.
2015 nfl combine.
ooooohhhhh yes foxessssss.
the name alone gives me chills.
remember thats where we first spotted ( x darius slay )?
this is the weekend when we see pre baller wolves goin’ hard.
working out in multiple positions.
some will make it to my bedroom the draft.
others will make it to my bedroom try again next year.
well this is something for the wolves from combine.
i don’t know his name yet,
but his bunz are on fleek.
┬áthe announcer couldn’t stop looking either.
football jocks got the vine for ya…
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