Tami Roman Needs To Leave The Mean Girl Table

whoaaaaatobviously tami roman didn’t see this in editing.
so this flashed across my timeline.
i’m listening to yeezus and not watching bb wives.
i may have to tune in.
even though tami can be a bully of epic proportions,
she should realize:

lowkey: oh she just put this:

tamitweetwell duh tami.
they are adult mean girls.
wasn’t she one too?
  tami wasn’t feeling this way when she was in the circle.
talkin’ shit about all the other chicks of basketball girlfriend’s past.

finally realizing you’re just a square t?

x go check up on tami twitter

Amber Rose’s Baby Is NOT Gay.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.48.12 PMpeople can be so fuckin’ ignorant.
amber rose learned that over this weekend.
she tweeted something positive about her baby bash and of course,
some asshole trolls came out from under the bridge to ruin it…

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