everyone is blaming pnb rock baby mom for his murder?

someone i used to know,
who turned out to be SUCH a disappointment…

sidebar: don’t you hate when you meet someone,
you think you were onto something with them and then nope…

she taught me that when you go to events,
especially with all kinds of muthafuckas watching your social media,
always post AFTER you leave the spot.
as much as you are “in the moment“,
you gotta move a little differently on beyonce internet.
too many people like to tag their locations or live stream their stories.

You don’t know who is watching.

i fear that is what happened to the late rapping wolf,
pnb rock.
he went to the waffle house in his jewelry with his bm,
in an area that probably wasn’t the best,
and she posted the meal with the location on her ig stories…

this is his last ig story before his life was taken:


x link if video doesn’t work

…and pnb rock was killed in an attempted robbery.
( x graphic video of the aftermath of his shooting )
i’m seeing folks on timelines saying his bm set him up.
kodak black is the worst of them all…

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