Stephon Clark Is Getting Dragged In Death

so stephon clark might be cancelled.
as you know,
he was gunned down in his grandmother’s backyard by hunters.
even though he isn’t here on earth any longer,
his alleged twitter feed is still alive and kicking.
black twitter dug up his old tweets and well…

uh oh.
these are from the asian baby mama:

how you gonna get dragged in death tho?
needless to say,
black vixens are not too pleased and some have cancelled him.
he was clearly a self hater and was extremely ignorant while on earth.
he is still dead due to tragic circumstances tho.
so i had to ask the foxhole after reading the tweets:

Does his old tweets matter for your support?

lowkey: folks better learn to scrub their social medias.
when you get a little fame,
all your demons are gonna come back to haunt you.

check his twitter: here

10 thoughts on “Stephon Clark Is Getting Dragged In Death

  1. Black lives still matter so the point stands. His death shouldn’t have happened.

    HOWEVERRRR I’m still here for the posthumous dragging. He was talking reckless expressing his piece and we can opine on that too. My opinion, Freedom of speech, and all that shit.

  2. It’s sad he died under these circumstances; but I wouldn’t March not two damn steps for him. I feel for his family, and kids more than anything! A person’s preference on who they wish to date, is totally different than just being so disrespectful to Black female as a whole. I mean, his mother was Black.. I wonder how his family feel about these ignorant comments. I know they’re grieving now. So, it’s irrelevant at this point. I’m just curious though.. The majority of the Black community is fatherless. So, Black women can also make generalizations about Black men, but it wouldn’t be fair because there’s some really good Black father’s out there too. There’s no EXCUSE for that either. I don’t care how crazy someone is, or if your relationship doesn’t work out. That’s no excuse to leave most the parenting to the Black woman. We can only do so much. It takes more than every other, weekend visits, or NO VISITS AT ALL 365 days a year. No matter how sorry my son’s dad is, I’d never take it on on them and abandon them as if they never existed. The point is, we all can say things, right?. This is not meant as an insult either. Sometimes when you speak on certain things(TRUTH), some people have a guilty conscience. How about starting with the root of the problem? Then, maybe we can work on fixing the Black community as a whole; instead of fighting against each other. Well you can’t fix any problem, until you acknowledge there’s a problem. Tearing each other down isn’t going to solve one single problem. It just makes some of the racist White people laugh at us. I’ve had bad experiences dating Black men, but will never say that all of them are a certain way. I have three Black sons; so that would be an insult to them (if no one else).

  3. I certainly won’t march for him if that’s what you’re asking, but what happen still wasn’t right. I can empathise solely based on the fact that I am a black man and I KNOW how society villainizes black men by default. So none of us on this page are exempt from ever being in this situation. I also just know that this isn’t right, period.

    It’s like as black men we have to worry about the safety of OTHERS before ourselves. We always have to think if we’re approachable or not, or not too “threatening” just to make others comfortable around us. Well FUCK THAT. I refuse to apologize for who I am just to serve others. So if you think that I’m “threatening” you will DEAL.

    However hetero black men with his mentality are a problem. And I stay well clear from them. And fuck his ghetto ass BM. birds of a feather flock together. I hate non-blacks who date/fuck black people and feel comfortable trashing the black race. Bitch you procreated with a negro you scum, so what does that make your child? Bitches like that need a reality check. Hence why I will NEVER uplift another race before my own.

    Those non-black women will be the first to call the police on your ass, I will never trust them. Especially white women. The only time I deal with them is on a professional setting and then I go about my business.

  4. All of you can keep supporting these self hating ass black men, as long as you recognize that they wouldn’t give two fucks about you or any other black person if you were shot down in the streets and would most likely laugh at and mock your death.

    If you’re okay with fighting for someone who would never fight for you then that’s certainly your right, but I don’t blame anyone who says fuck him and all these other self hating black folks.

    All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk

  5. An independent autopsy showed that Stephen Clark was shot a total of eight times. All but one bullet entered his body while his back was turned toward the police and six of those bullets struck him in the back. This — and the fact that Stephen Clark was unarmed — is the only thing that matters in this case. I don’t give a fuck what twitter has to say about it.

  6. From watching this unfold on twitter I didn’t really get the idea that he was that he was “canceled” but a much more complex nuanced emotion.

    I personally don’t think people should take the route of mercilessly dragging him, but I can totally understand if there are people who choose to call his stuff out and decide to sit this one out on defending him. When it comes to the black community, black women and even black LGBT in particular often find themselves fighting for the rights of the entire community while at the same time being on the receiving end of a lot of abuse or prejudiced views of straight cis-gender black men.

    You’re put at a very difficult crossroads where you’re expected to trying to either defend their humanity against harmful rhetoric about them or call for protests when they’re wrongfully on the receiving end of systematic in justice, but on the flip side they probably wouldn’t do the same for you. Judging by his tweets its definitely hard not to think that he would fall under that category. Additionally, I cant speak on what the relationship him and the mother of his child was built on but judging from the tweets there are definitely hints of fertilization and anti blackness in there. I hope she uses this moment to get a much deeper understanding of race and what black people go through and outgrow that “I don’t want children that are too dark” mess for the sake of her black children.

  7. Well. This is what I have to say to everyone. Live your life the way you see fit. Walk with your head held high, masculine or fem, trans or Butch… because it is clear as ever that people will talk about you when you’re at your highest, dang sure when you’re at your lowest and youre not guaranteed silence when you’re six feet under. So much for resting in peace.

    Was what he said honorable? Heck no!

    Does that make his death cancelable? In this situation it shouldn’t. A life lost is a life lost. That’s just my opinion so far.

    We all can say some things we shouldn’t and have. Others are haters in secret.

    What I find interesting (not surprising) is how quickly folks can be down for you & “the cause” but cancel you when they discover something they don’t like just as quick.

    I read his comments and didn’t like them but that’s pretty much it.

    I can guarantee that if most of them deserved a bullet for something that came out of their mouth that shouldn’t, it’d be body bags scattered everywhere.

    Hell I should have a nuke waiting for me with some of the things I’ve said before..😌

    But in any case, it’s Friday and I felt like saying that.

    Let’s all have a good weekend.

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