“Spanish Wolf” For Dinner?


oh my god…

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…good god.

an f-bi sent me this spanish wolf the other day.
well i’m assuming he is spanish.
i nearly passed out at work.
can we get a lead on this one?
pretty please?
i’m hungry.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on ““Spanish Wolf” For Dinner?

  1. Hey Jamari! Love your blog and been following you for years. I rarely comment on your blog, but this man does something for me! His name is “mia_fitness” on IG and I’ve been following him since I made my IG account. He got nothing going on in the front, but that backside tho!!!

    1. And as far as his nationality goes, I’m not sure. His name is Ramses Príncipe so I’m guessing Arabic?

    1. The second pic is Mia_Fitness…not sure who the dude is in the first pic, but he’s EQUALLY sexy!!
      The guys in this group always come through though!! Detectives extraordinaire!! LOL

  2. I think he’s only 25 or 26 but his conditioning and ass is amazing. His girlfriend is gorgeous too.

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