So Why Ain’t No One Told-ed Me About Zayn Malik Yet?


i was never a fan of one direction.
i’ll start that there.
i’m willing to give the x’d member,
zayn malik,
my entire foxhole tho.
here are a couple more shots from his feature in nme


did he always look like that in 1d?
holy smokes.
so you know i went sniffin’ around and i saw this:

i guess i’ll be paying attention to his music now?
he has a lot to prove since he was kicked out that group.
i’ll allow it.
lowkey: he looks like “someone”.
like we have seen “that look” in our real lives.

i know an animal who looks like him in my real life.
a straight fuck jackal,
but he never has a shortage of pussy.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “So Why Ain’t No One Told-ed Me About Zayn Malik Yet?

  1. Yeah, he’s cute. I didn’t like 1D either, I think I only know 1 song of theirs. I saw Pillowtalk and I kinda liked it! It didn’t blow me away but it was still a pleasant surprise. Definitely not hating it.

    I like him better with hair, but he’s really cute.

  2. He’s been catching my eye recently with his new cut and tattoos, all he needs is a banging single and he can have me lol

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