she is a sight for sore eyes

i’ve only seen demons have all black eyes.
it’s no surprise you can get the contacts for halloween.
i didn’t think any human would want all black eyes,
but clearly,
i was wrong in regards to this next story.
everyone meet aleksandra sadowska from poland:

she went and got her entire eyeballs blackened.
well guess what happened next via “mirror“…

A model has been left nearly blind after having her eyes dyed black by a tattooist.

Aleksandra Sadowska, 25, has no sight in her right eye and is fast losing her ability to see through her left.

The model – who had the tattoo done in Warsaw, Poland, because she wanted to look like her favourite rap artist – had the whites of her eyes dyed black.

Now the man who did it, a tattoo artist named in local media as Piotr A, faces up to three years in jail over the bungled procedure.

Aleksandra was initially told that the pain she was experiencing was normal, according to reports, and that she could take painkillers.

However medics say there is no hope of repairing her eyesight, and said she will soon be fully blind.


Why is the tattoo artist going to jail because she chose to be an idiot?

she played a stupid game and got a stupid prize.
now she will live on as an example of what not to do when you’re bored.
i don’t have any sympathy,
but maybe you will.

article cc: mirror

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “she is a sight for sore eyes”

  1. Am I supposed to feel bad for her? She just wanted her eyes to truly show how their souls are. Empty, cold and without any light. We reflect light. There’s a difference. Don’t let Miranda Priestly have to school you on color!

  2. It’s a sad story. This girl will live with the consequences of her mistake for the rest of her life. Becareful what you wish for, because you might not be ready to pay the cost.

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