it’s homophobic and biphobic if a woman doesn’t want to date a bisexual male

the forests are suddenly talking about those who are bisexual.
“bisexual bisexual” and not the dl kind.
well i saw a tweet that has been trending on my tl today.
it’s homo and biphobic if vixens choose not to date a bi male…

before i start…

We have to stop applying the term “phobic” to every damn thing

in the dictionary:

  1. having or involving an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

it’s not a fear; it’s a preference.

Some vixens aren’t comfortable with their wolf being with/has been with the same sex.

it’s like in that episode of “insecure” with molly.
like most,
she dumped really good wolf because he was with another male before.


she went crawling back when she realized the mistake she made.
got some dick a couple times too.
there are some who are very tolerant,
but others just aren’t.
on the flip side,
some gays don’t like to know their males have been with a vixen.
there is the worry he’ll pack his bags back to the world of vagina.
all of this is understandable.

it all boils down to who is comfortable and who isn’t.
most vixens will say this ain’t with it now,
but could look past it if they meet someone of their dreams.
others will legit hit you with:

…and run for the hills.
it doesn’t have anything to do with being “phobic” at all.
it’s simply someone’s preference and it should be respected.
i could be wrong tho,
but we gotta stop attaching “phobic” to all issues.
we can’t force or shame people to be okay with everything.

18 thoughts on “it’s homophobic and biphobic if a woman doesn’t want to date a bisexual male

  1. I really hate that if you don’t want to date someone, you got to be some kind of “phobic”. How dare I have a preference? I don’t think a straight woman or a gay man is wrong if they don’t want to date a bisexual. Their reasons are their reasons and if that can’t be respected, then fuck em.

  2. “Folks don’t quickly accept the preference line anymore, especially when people use it as a means to conceal their discrimination“


  3. In response to the ladies tweet.
    Put simply, in the eyes of a heteronormative society, bisexual males are “gay” to all effects, and as such will receive homophobic exclusion and prejudice.

    While bisexual females do face some backlash in religious sectors, bisexuality of women is far more acceptable than that of men. If this wasn’t the case, there would also be tons of videos on YouTube of men trying to find out if a woman is DL just like their are videos of women listing ridiculous signs that a man is sleeping with another man.

    Also, as noted, the comments always leans toward….If you’re gay, just gay you’re gay

    There is nothing for her to be”into” He’s not asking her to be bisexual or anything. As long as he isn’t cheating on her nothing else should matter.

    Folks don’t quickly accept the preference line anymore, especially when people use it as a means to conceal their discrimination. In 2020, you either get in line or get out.

    It’s no wonder some of these types of women remain single for most of their lives.

    The scene with Molly and the guy is the perfect example and even the name of the show gives it away. It all boils down to the insecurities in a person.

    Insecurity will make you miss out on a lot in life to the point where you will become bitter and envious of others who look clearly beyond it.

    Same for gay men. I don’t know why a gay man would turn down a bisexual one unless he is insecure. If a bi man or woman loves you and is dating only you, their sexual preference is moot because they will be devoted only to you.

    Entitlement doesn’t always grant access, unless you’re wealthy enough to buy it and in that case it aint 100% genuine. I am for one amazed at how people feel entitled as much as they do, especially considering they could flop up and die at any moment.

    However, at the end of the day. You really can’t tell people who or what they should date or whatever it is.

  4. The best policy is to tell prospective partners you are a bisexual man or woman. This way, you can determine if that person is right for you. Respect people’s boundaries and bisexuals can have good relationships.

  5. All it is is a loss of pussy power. The magic and mystique of a woman’s private parts are lost when a man has other options.

    Women do not like that. It costs them money, jewelry, and potentially the golden grail: child support payments.

    1. This is it!!! Homophobic women are definitely playing in the field and upset when their farmers decide to go plant his crops elsewhere.

      Some women have this superiority complex where they feel like because they are women, they are “entitled” and should be worshiped. A man leaving a woman for another man is slash to her ego and precious feminine energy.

      In any case, hetero men love bisexual women, hetero women are petrified of bisexual men. One sees opportunity, the other sees weakness.

      1. I don’t think it’s homophobic, like Jamari said everyone is entitled to what they want, we do got to stop being easily offended by everything, some women is just not into that and as a adult u have to accept it, and their some that are, but to each is own.

        1. In line with the tweet in the post, what would stop a woman from dating a man who had sex with another man previously besides her being homophobic? If he is dating her at that moment, who he had sex with before hand shouldn’t even be an issue.

          Truthfully, no one is entitled to anything. Some people only feel “entitled” because of their inner anger and jealousy.

          1. And again what make her homophobic? It didn’t say she have a fear of bisexual men or she have a hatred for bisexual men, or that she couldn’t be friends with a bisexual man, it just not for her PERIOD, and he have that choice

  6. Molly did the right thing to let Jared go, because I was go snatch him anyway. Did y’all see those Duncan Hines yellow cakes? Lol.

    But, that can go many ways, with straight dudes not wanting to date a bisexual woman or gay dudes not wanting to date a bisexual man.

    I use to be open with dating a bisexual man, until I had an ex step out with a woman because she could develop something in her stomach that I could never produce in his stomach, a kid! A kid that he gave my name, but that’s another story. Lol.

    These days, I just want to deal with discreet gay dudes who got their ho-phase out of their systems. Lol. Women, bisexual dudes and dl dudes are not on my radar.

      1. What in the Jay Z-Blu Cantrell, Blue Ivy foolery? I’d be HEATED. I’d contact the woman so she knows and goes about changing the child’s name. I doubt she’d want the child to have your name and the child shouldn’t have that baggage over them.

        1. Hey Jamari I need you to interview Osete…the name story is too damn good for a comment…he needs a whole story about this shit

  7. She sounds like a tool for white supremacy. I love how bitches like her don’t talk about white folks like that.

    Many white women share black women’s feelings but no one calls them bi-phobic. Only black people can be that, apparently.

    Optimus needs to have a big cup of sit yo ass down.

    That said, I do think women, black or not, should relax when it comes to dating bisexual men but telling them they’re bigots isn’t really a way to go about such a discussion.

    If a vixen doesn’t want to date the guy…or any reason, send him my way.

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