she is a sight for sore eyes

i’ve only seen demons have all black eyes.
it’s no surprise you can get the contacts for halloween.
i didn’t think any human would want all black eyes,
but clearly,
i was wrong in regards to this next story.
everyone meet aleksandra sadowska from poland:

she went and got her entire eyeballs blackened.
well guess what happened next via “mirror“…

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My Boi Pussy So Good It Made Him Go Blind, Ya’ll!

^this is what bustin’ the perfect “nut” face looks like.
i don’t know who he is,
but i thought it was the perfect intro to the following.
now i’ve heard of being banged so hard,
that your eyes roll into the top of your head,
but imagine going blind?
blind because you wanted to fuck someone stupid.
well one wolf lost vision in one eye after busting a good nut.
a foxholer sent me the following story from “daily mail”
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This Is What Happened After He Got Eaten (1 Year Later)

face-chewing-attackdo you remember this story?

x remember this story

well it’s been close to a year since this situation happened.
the homeless man who got eaten has an update for us.
if you have a weak stomach,
i suggest you stop here and watch this:

x those who aren’t about that life

those who are,

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