So The Second Half of Empire Came On and Well…

empire-fox-season-2so empire,
the second half,
has made it’s way back for black twitter it’s loyal viewers!
these are some quick thoughts

  • why did rhonda not call 911?
    what if she missed the window when she threw it?
    would she crawl,
    get it,
    go back to where she was,
    and throw it again?
  • andre broke my heart crying like that.
    i was in legit tears watching that scene.
  • i love cookie’s fur coats.
  • she gave hakeem a good whoopin’.
    i don’t think he cared tho.
    hakeem a “g” in these forests.
    ain’t that right hakeem…
  • camilla is such a bitch.
    i love her.
    i see a hard fall for her tho…
  • soooo…
    do they hate hakeem or have they join forces?
  • does rhonda know she was pushed?
    …or was she imagining prince in christian loub loafers?
  • boo boo kitty is a #savage.
    if that was her who pushed rhonda,
    which i feel there might be a twist,
    i’m soooo mad she showed up with a bouquet of flowers.
  • jamal is having a lot of singing moments.
    just an observation…
    they are clearing sly promoting jussie.
  • that whole convo about being sexually fluid was interesting.
    my timeline felt some kind of way.
  • imagine if hakeem killed luscious out there…
  • do they love pointing out andre’s bunz or nah?
  • speaking of hakeem,
    he took that vixen’s virginity very “safe”.
    usually a vixen is howling to the moon during her first time.
    hell i was howling to the moon with my first pipe.
  • it ended kinda…
    usually empire ends with a big dramatic situation.
    i felt a little cheated.
  • and was i drunk tweeting this:Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.05.20 PMsmh.

i’ll be tuned in next week.
the trailers look interesting for this second half.
i really hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “So The Second Half of Empire Came On and Well…”

  1. They are promoting this sexually fluid junks on gay people and a lot of gay people are mad about it. 1st tell people that you born gay now telling people that being gay is choice. this shit is dumb as hell. You are gay you can’t not change who you are. These str8 women will now think these hot gay men will change and fall for a woman. No wonder why more str8 women are following hot gaymen on IG now a days. That is not going down like that. There is a shortage of the ideal man that why these str8 women are going after these hot gay man.

    1. ^i can see your point.
      wouldn’t this just make people bisexual then?
      or basically they are saying when the feeling strikes to be curious,
      then go ahead and try it,
      but you can always go back to what you are “supposed to be”?

      1. Not to get anybody personally I don’t believe in bisexually Same as most gays I know ex bisexual men who disown being bi that are now fully gayman. There gay men will get mad if people call them bi. No they are gay that how it is

    2. Isiah – agreed! I don’t believe in “bisexuality” either and trying to confuse an already ignorant segment of Black Heterosexual viewers with claims of it being a “choice” makes me angry.
      Overall I thought the episode was solid. However, Hikeem still looks like a 14yr old child to me no matter how many thirst trap pics he posts online. Especially when he’s snuggled up with Niomi Cambell’s old azz.

  2. To answer your first question her phone had broken, screen went to hell and didn’t show any life signs (the worst nightmare for many ppl in 2016) so she just tossed it at the window cause apparently the alarm (that I thought she had just turned off) was armed. And to your last point: it’s tv. It always “goes” like that or it’s clumsy fumbling between virgins. But I agree with all your points, naomi is quickly becoming the evil mastermind that we love to hate and in a way so is boo boo kitty (tho I mostly just hat her). I also see a twist coming like it was cookie or porsha or someone we didn’t expect. And yeah they are promoting him, to me that’s the point of all these artists being on a show like this, but he’s got some of the show so I’m cool with it for now.

    1. Our alarm system in our house will go off if a window is broken weather it’s armed or not.

      If it’s armed then it will go off when someone walks through the house, opens a door, or opens a window.

      If it’s disarmed, it will ONLY go off if a window is broken, so that didn’t seem to far-fetched to me.

      Also, yeah, her phone was broken as fuck.

  3. Saw it last night and as usual I only really watch for cookie and luscious.

    Andre is really good at doing dramatic scenes

    I’m tired of them promoting of them promoting promoting Jamal everytime he has a singing scene I put it on mute. I did enjoy the sexuality is fluid scene because to be honest it is.

    A lot of Hakeem’s scenes in this episode were really corny to me like when he got on top of the table in the board meeting, or when he was trying to like act like a jack ass to the Latina girl.

    Boo-boo Kitty has great style so does Andre’s wife.

    I loved Terrence Howard’s acting in this episode as well as cookies pettiness and the broom beating she gave Hakeem.

    1. ^i agree.
      i love jamal,
      ya’ll know I do,
      but im tired of him singing every episode.
      can hakeem have some shine?
      hell out Andre on the mic.

      Hakeem walking on that table only emphasized what a child he is.

      boo boo kitty is so pretty.
      i hope they make her a lot more tolerable.

      terrence and cookie stay showing up.

  4. The episode reminded me of sex with a crush I had been dying to get with. Excited with anticipation to see him and smash. Disbelief that everything im seeing and doing is actually happening but in the end disappointed because it wasn’t as good as he looked or I thought it would be and left asking..”is this it?” Or “Atleast they all look good”.

  5. This episode was okay. I’m glad the ratings were good.#blackexcellence.

    I have a good friend that is connected to the set. They told me a while back that production does not like Terrence Howard. PERIOD. He’s an ass. The writers wanted to write him off and focus on Cookie and her back story but after the numbers for the first half of this season, plans were scrapped. I wonder if Terrence Howard is going to feel some type of way.

    Jamal has a nice voice, but….PLEASE no more singing from him or his daddy rapping. Hakeem is very unlikable. Andre is bae.

    I really hope they don’t drag out Rhonda realizing that Anika pushed her down the stairs.

    1. I saw him with his wife while I was at work. He seemed kinda annoyed when I gave him some an awkward acknowledgement. I can see him giving off the personality, but he was kind to take pictures with my co workers this past summer.

  6. I was very pleased last night. I was so scared that the show would suck, and Rhonda would be dead.

    I’m pleased.

  7. Yea, I am not feeling Empire anymore, and I did not like comments made about us bisexuals either. Nope. I only watch the show for Terrance and Taraji, I could care less about everyone else.

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