Safaree Got Ya’ll Out Here Learning How To Dutty Wine (On The Dick)

a good nude or sex tape can get you a lot of things.
that being said:


most of us thought safaree was corny af and his music was wack.
i’ll be honest and say i always thought he was sexy.
a little odee with the fur,
and his music gets a whole “mmm”,

but he could get it.
now we out here trying to do “tha wickedest slam” pon dat marvelous dick.
i saw this video last night from khadi and i was rollin’…

i don’t blame ha!
the dick that broke the internet”.
it was the video that had me tho.
something about how it was swinging
how it looked in motion
i’m not even into dick pics like that,
but i was turned out in a matter
it had me go give his music another try:

lowkey: i wonder if safaree is about to indulge in all this new pussy?
they throwing it in all directions now.
some wolves ain’t into being a whole hoe like that…

it’s a legit question!

10 thoughts on “Safaree Got Ya’ll Out Here Learning How To Dutty Wine (On The Dick)

  1. I thought he was always cute just annoying af. But that meat was definitely impressive like good Lord.

    I know not everybody is into signs but he’s a cancer and those types typically have great dick & stick around. Lol

  2. Never thought he was all that. He has a nice piece, but ya’ll can have him.
    Ain’t my type of hype.

  3. Jamari, you don’t find this off putting? I find it crass…Wasn’t this the same guy that you posted with the videos that we’re so horrendous, it made one want to jump in a pit full of crocodiles.

    I think he’s nice to look at but nothing really special.

    And if my bf ever did any kind of Safaree challenge, he’d be Safaree right on the floor. I wish he would flash even a public hair…

    Safaree is stupid..
    His music is stupid..
    The woman in the video is stupid..
    Dat dick look stupid too..look how it lean to the side like it gotta thank about it for a minute before it decides to get hard..

    I can’t believe dudes are actually showing they dicks online like that for a challenge…So low budget..

    Wait? Trey Songz is talking about participating…

    …Bless Safaree’s for exposing his mid life crisis peen…

    Yes…Trey…do it.. I command you……….😈😈😈

  4. lmao I always thought he was attractive as well. I never thought he was corny because I love anyone that is comfortable with being themselves. He just has this free spirit, idgaf what yall think personality thats attractive. Seems like a nice guy and the video was amazing! I was like ok safarree now we know why nicki couldn’t stop shading you cause she knew somebody else was getting that thang lol

  5. I said it once and I will say it again, he has the Amber Rose Effect. Nice to look at maybe even make you wonder what they taste like, but then they talk and the magic is gone and has you saying “I’m good brah!”.

  6. Like you J, I always thought he was sexy. He looks so clean; like he smells like soap and peppermint 24/7🙌🏽❤

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