queen latifah might be coming out with some news

queen latifah

i love queen latifah and this following news made me smile.
so queen has been living in an alleged glass closet her whole career.
she never said she was gay,
but by her movement,
you could sorta figure it out.
she lived her life with her own rules and we went along without asking questions.
i prefer that method tbh.
well they are reporting the next move in queen’s journey.
according to “ebony”

Queen Latifah and rumored girlfriend, Eboni Nichols, have reportedly been dating since 2013, with the paparazzi capturing photos of the pair together on several occasions. RadarOnline is now reporting that the Oscar-nominated actress and the Hollywood choreographer are ready to expand their family, as Nichols has been spotted with a full baby bump on display.

eboni nichols

Sources at Radar claim the pair are also engaged to be married.

if the following is true:

queen is one of our iconic black treasures.
an acting legend at this point.
i’ve been following her since “living single” and haven’t stopped since.
i haven’t tuned into “star” yet.
i hear it’s good tho.

i’m so happy for her and this alleged news.
i know she’ll make an amazing mother.
congrats to you queen!

lowkey: they’re saying queen has alleged cancer?!!?!
please don’t devastate me.

pictures cc: radar

article cc: ebony

Author: jamari fox

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