Prospect Meat

Well as I said…


So I had someone come thru I was speaking with to blow my back out.
Well, he did alot more than that…

Last night I was feeling bored.
Why not have some company come thru for entertainment purposes.
I sent a text to Prospect, a dude I was going back and forth with for the last 3 weeks.
We knew each other longer (3 months or so) but we re-connected and we started talking a lot more.
We met on a chat site and he seemed like a sane individual.
Plus, the abs in his shots helped me alot.

“yeah ima cum thru. what u tryna get into?” – he asked
“i mean we meeting and shit. lets see how we vibe first.”
“see u playin games. u got smoke?”
“naw i dont.”

What inititally turned me off is it took him damn near 2 hours to get dressed.
It took me damn near 15 minutes cause I took a shower and then threw on on a white chest fitting thermal, sweats, and my boots.
Like, what was the deal at damn near 10:45pm?

When he finally got to my crib, I was pleasantly surprised.
He was cute with masculinity dripping through his veins.
Plus, I LOVE his voice – it is so low and sexy when he talks.
He put on jeans and some outfit like he was going to the club.
…. whatever.
He looked presentable and I was already ready to see what was UNDERNEATH.

So I put on a movie but no more suddenly did the werewolf come out of me
and I was tonguing him down.
He laid behind me and wrapped his arms around me and said, “I don’t think Ima be watching this movie“.
No more “lemme wait for the right moment…” – I just went for it.

I stripped him out of his clothes as I straddled him .
He has a NICE little body so that turned me on even more.
We kissed, jerked, sucked, and fingered – the whole 10 yards of foreplay.
That muthafucka ate my ass like it was the last supper.
Holy shit….

Then he found my spot…


We had some intense foreplay and I think it was because:

1 – he was REALLY attracted to me as I was to him (the key component)
2 – 1 took charge on that dick
3 – we were both horny as shit

He got a condom, some lube, flipped me on my stomach, and strapped up.
He had a nice dick – probably about 8 inches cut BUT HE WAS THICK AS HELL.
Since I am so tight, it took a minute but he finally got it inside.
Foxes – I felt like his dick was on my bladder.
I felt like I had to pee so bad, but I knew I didn’t.
He did 6 or 7 strokes and then nutted.
I was a little upset because his reasoning is:

“Your shit is so damn tight. Felt like it was going to cut my dick head off.”

Whatever that means.
Either way, I’m ready for round 2.
Since I feel so empowered, I feel ultra sexy.
I did not put him in “potential boyfriend“.
I put him in the catergory he needed to be in:


If something was to develop, it will happen naturally.
If we never speak again, I will meet someone else cause I am attractive as hell and it’s HIS loss.
So its a win/win for me.
I dunno about him.

But in the meantime,
Prospect and other potential prospects better watch out.

3 thoughts on “Prospect Meat

  1. kudos on having the bomb ass….7 strokes and he bust….shit applause….you got the good good…..lmao…..

  2. I was reading this shit at the gym working out earlier tonight as my Eagles lost.:( I couldn’t help but cheese so big as I was reading this. Glad to hear somebody getting it poppin up in here.

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