mental homework (1)

I love when I write something,
and I get a comment that shifts my existence.
I swear, I have the smartest viewers in the whole blogging universe.
All important components to being a Fox or a Wolf.
But, I usually need the good word myself.
I go through things like everyone else and usually,
I have no one to talk to about these issues.

I got a comment from ICeeDedPpl that had me sitting in Hale and Hearty,
going well over my lunch break in just deep thought.

I consider these comments, “mental homework”.
Ever so often, I will throw up comments that touch me…
…and I know will touch you.

Read it below.

From Blog: if eyes are the window to the soul…. 

Because you’ve been looking at him the whole time to understand his signal and was confident enough to approach OR moved yourself into a position to be approached.

Underlying issues get in the way of all of that; basically you just gotta get over yourself and your insecurities–easier said than done. I know.

Here’s how:

Stop putting wolves on a pedestal-he is just another man, like you, with quirks and flaws.
Look everyone in the eye; looking off to the side shows insecurity, that you’re a liar, or you dont even believe the words coming out of your mouth.
Fear rejection, but work through it anyway. Just because someone might call you faggot doesn’t mind that you won’t be bending for them later or have their legs over your shoulders.
Stop putting wolves on a pedestal.
Stop thinking he wouldn’t want you or doesn’t want you when you having spoken two words to him.
Understand a lot of men, regardless of orientation, suffers from low self-esteem. Overvaluing yourself is just as bad as undervaluing yourself–and it comes from the same place.
Date or hunt against type. Wolves, foxes, and vixens have friends and associates, always expand your network.
For three weeks, go to every social gathering alone. Get in the habit or being alone and not lonely and work on your observational skills. Fine wolves run in packs, but they are more likely to approach/be approachable when you are solo.
Stop putting wolves on a pedestal.

Dudes who stop breathing when they see you, get extra goofy, start stammering or stuttering whenever you’re around or even avert their eyes when you get dressed are usually feeling you.

Don’t be scared to comment Foxes and Wolves.
The more you comment, the more you get answers like this.
The more your love and life becomes easier.