MEAT (50)

I think this is the best view of the house.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “MEAT (50)”

  1. Something about him is turning me off. Dunno if it’s the ink, the red nipples, or some combo of it all…nice body, but not doing it for me

  2. Yea I saw this on twitter. I’m amazed sometimes at the gym devotion some of these pysiques require. Where do you find the time? Between work and well more work I go when I can, but to achieve this type of a look you have to have a gym addiction. That’s a good addiction to have. I’m working on

      1. I dnt knw his twit name or if he’s on twitter, sorry. This is one of those pics that have been retweeted a thousand times. Hard to tell it’s origin…

  3. yes i like this body sexy to have relaxing around the house with would be a crying shame if he had a flat ass

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