Meat Of The Minute: Dez Bryant

I’ll take em both….(guy on the left is an honorable mention, Adarius Bowman)


So, as my dedicated Foxes know, I love football players.

I dream about em.
I study em.
I masturbate to em (oops, TMI)…. 

Something about their strenght, width, and girth…. ok, where was I? Oh yes. Why I love football players.Foxes, I swear to you, I am probably going to end up with a football player. You kow when you ask for something, eventually you will receve it. Everything I have asked for thru the one above, I usually get. I am going to make sure I at least dip my foot in one….

or sixteen.

Well I want to dip MORE than my feet.

Watch our female sloppy droppy groupies, Jamari Fox is coming to take ALL ya football/athlete men!

It isn’t even about the money. I just LOVVVEEE LOVE LOVE nice bodies. I guess I muscle worship. Eh whatever. Hell, anyone that looks like they can pick my little ass up and bench press me every night as their workout plan, I’d probably be tryna be on ya squad.

 Probably like this dark skin muthafucka here…
This nigga right here nigga….


…. Need I say more?

And look, he is chocolate. You know I love me a good chocolate bar every now and again! Say hello to Dez Bryant. Say hello to my booty tightening up at the thought of him ontop of me.



DO YOU SEE HIS BACK MUSCLES??????????????????????
dick i hope so too…

I felt my jaw tighten, that warm feeling hit my entire body, my shoulders hunched up, and my ears twitched….

That means I am hungry for Mr. Bryant.

Hungry for the drippin chocolate bar.
Devin, you know I love you always but……..

Stay tuned.

Later Foxes

5 thoughts on “Meat Of The Minute: Dez Bryant

  1. hit me up with your email again and lets see if we can start some process on the best weay you can ‘run” into one. Workouts are allready underway with camp starting the end of july so now is time to set the game…… 1)

  2. Yeah, he could get it. Gorgeous dark skin guys are the best! He sounds like football was his entire life too. But have you seen Devin Thomas’ interview on Ugh! Marry me.

    (Sidenote: one time for all the bull dyke moms out there! As seen in the first vid)

      1. He is everything lol. I’ll snatch you bald-headed! But seriously, did u see it? Episode 305. I mean, who could ask for anything more? The other guy was fine too!

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