Meat of The Minute: Big & Nice

That will be my nick name for him.
Foxes and Wolves,
meet my soon to be big nosed boo, Antrel Rolle.

I think I have a slight thing for noses.
I don’t know why but I think they are sexy… on some guys.
Others tend to look like:

Antrell plays safety for the NY Giants and has everything I am looking for.
Face, arms, thighs, chest, swagg….

Would you look at that ass?!

I love a Wolf with nice handle bars….

Antrell is not on the Devin Thomas list for fineness,
but he looks like he has some kind of swagg that has me interested.

I wouldn’t complain.
A baller is a baller… and as long as you can pick me up and bench press me…

I’m yours.

See, he is pickin me up now..

C-Ya Foxes.

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