MEAT: (768)

nothing better than meat that is fully cooked.
nothing better than meat that is fully cooked after the gym either

you know how much i am a sucker for a chest pump.
it’s interesting how these wolves work out and still feel fat.
he said look at my rolls.
funny because all i saw was meat.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “MEAT: (768)”

  1. What’s funny is that a few days ago the foxhole had this discussion about how the gym can be so homoerotic, and guess what he is proving it lol. Sitting in the locker room flexing his chest, knowing their is a possibility that a gay man would look and stare lol, but hey I am not complaining. I love stuff like this. He is fine.

  2. I follow this guy on the gram he’s always showing off his gym results. You can catch him at any of the Atlanta LA Fitness. He’s always came across as a hybrid to me.

  3. Steph is most def a hottie, but straight he’s not he plays basketball for a team in ATL and two of the his team-mate are gay porn stars one is Staxx can’t think of the other dude name he’s not really popular. Anyhow Steph has a nice muscular build to him and a nice back side as well

    1. Yep, he plays for the Atlanta Fury LGBT basketball team which is part of the National Gay Basketball Association. The brother is most definitely a cutie.

  4. I peeped his instagram. His body is nice, but I have always been big on faces as you all know. He is REALLY handsome. Yep, he can get it.

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