MEAT: (742)


…say cheese?
or should we say “meat”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “MEAT: (742)”

      1. I remember him from way back. The facial hair upgraded him.

        He’s attractive, but let’s talk about his thick ass boyfriend lol

  1. This is spooky I just logged on to IG and the first picture that pops up is a new pic of @d.arnez that he posted about five minutes ago.

  2. @punkassdrejay

    It was never explicitly stated but it was obvious they were together at some point and then they unfollowed each other and deleted pics

  3. Deonee is not my type. The thing is, I lusted after him heavy years ago during my early days in foxhole. I remember saying something about packing his lunch and sending him to school or some shit lol.

    However, he done bleached his skin and started wearing colored contacts since then. He was not that light before, absolutely not and if I can find that post I can prove it. That bleaching is just as noticeable as Phaedra’s obvious breast job. People swear they can alter their bodies and no one will notice.

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