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who is the gentle-wolf to the left?

Author: jamari fox

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    1. If his page is real and not catfish, I could respect him coming out disclosing his status to the world. It takes courage and a lot of people are not honest about it.

      1. It’s true. His name is Pony Zion but the girls dragged him out. His Ex Metrell from ADTV did an episode where he spoke of an ex who lied about his status and almost infected him. The girls digged and concluded it was Pony.

        He is doing wonderful for himself with a beautiful son.

      2. Jamari, I don’t know the individual in question. Whether or not his supposed HIV status is true, I try to stress to people repeatedly, although stereotyping should not be done, his is the face and physique of young brothers with HIV. Thanks to the anti-retrovirals we have today and gym memberships, young brothers with HIV look as tempting if not more so than those who are HIV negative. This is a major reason why so many are not using condoms and a reason the rate of new HIV infections among black gay men is higher than any other demographic in the country. Atlanta’s situation today resembles New York City in the 1980s. Many people are not using condoms, and even though black gay men use condoms more than white gay men, the prevalence rate of HIV in the black community means, that instance when a brother slips and does not use a condom it is much more likely his partner will be HIV positive. People have to determine for themselves the risks they are willing to take.

  1. Amen to the comment above. And it is scary to know how many of these guys KNOW they have but don’t seek medical attention. As of now the World Health Organization recommends all individuals with HIV go on anti retrovirals but there are alot of guys in the black/latino community who don’t. It’s sad that I have a cousin who’s ex recently passed from HIV complications.

  2. I do agree with natturner74, treat everyone like they are HIV positive. To many people end up with by dealing with people who know that they are infected and want disclose it to anyone.

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