MEAT: (652)

tumblr_no5qp5SLl11qi0b8uo1_1280okay one more…
i can’t tear myself away from the foxhole.
i love this picture.
his bawdy is a work of art in this shot.
i’d like more meat like this in my life please.
thanks god!

lowkey: okay now i go sleep.

*picture credited to owner

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “MEAT: (652)”

  1. His name Vincene, he’s from France. Hi ig is king_vincene89 and his FB is Vincene Model. It amazes me how I know international black men.

    1. ^^ his body is like a tapestry of art! Gorgeous skin tone too! I would love to study the architecture of his body. Mhm! For “educational” purposes! hehe.
      What a beautiful man.

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