4 thoughts on “MEAT: (364)

  1. Baller Alert claims Kerry and Daryl Washington were two of the ballers who were supposed to come out as Gay but Daryl backed out.It sounds like BS I think they created story to go with pics of the two guys.Any thoughts?

    1. We know for sure you are a woman, you have all the news lol. That prob. is BS. If Kerry was one of the players he couldn’t come out. He’s denied it so there would be no point. People will label him as a liar.

    2. ^i personally think it was a bunch of bs.
      clearly baller alert is more interested in scandal than facts.
      i hope peanut fucks around with daryl tho.
      he just choked out his girlfriend last month.
      daryl doesn’t look like he would be scared to lay them hulk hands on peanuts life.

      i was gonna write an entry but it smelled like bullshit.

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